HORRIFIC TIMES AHEAD !! …..( hurry and get into the best physical condition of your life….FREE )

(NOTE — The reason I’m so “huffing and puffing” throughout this video is that I already had done exactly what’s demonstrated here THREE TIMES preceding the actual video recording. This is very easy and fun after only two or three weeks of doing the routine every-other-day! The entire trip up this particular mountain has another 80% that isn’t shown here).

In this short recording of the last up-hill 20% of my every-other-morning mountain climb with 40 pounds of filled water bottles in my backpack….I explain how with NO GYM DUES or an expensive twelve-speed bicycle or ANYTHING….a person of literally any age (I’m 67) can lose useless fat, reduce his or her blood pressure to eighty over sixty, lower his resting pulse to a fantastic 54, build a very strong heart and cardiovascular system, have muscular quadraceps and calves at any age, lower “bad” or LDL cholesterol, sleep like an infant every night, and MOST CRUCIALLY….have tons of stamina for the horrifying times described in the Bible, as Earth becomes filled with demons and monsters and GIANTS (“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be before I return”). We will be faced with pandemics severely taxing our immune systems….and there will be many roving gangs of “food, water and other daily living essentials” bandits that we might end up fighting off with our own physical strength. Above and beyond that….”THE BODY IS A TEMPLE FOR THE SOUL AND SPIRIT”. We are instructed by Scripture to take care of it. EACH OF US HAS A CHOICE…..to sit around and ruminate / speculate / dream of when the Rapture will occur…..OR….to get out there and ENJOY THIS PRECIOUS GIFT CALLED “LIFE ON EARTH, IN THE SECULAR OR PHYSICAL REALM”.

BUILD A CHRISTIAN LIBRARY…..(plus a tools set, a great first aid kit….settle lingering disputes…..NOW !! )

I return for this final video to give viewers a list of some of the most popular and spiritually–nourishing Christian books ever published and to encourage them to build their own PAPER, REAL OLD–FASHIONED BOOKS LIBRARY for “when the lights go out” via an enemy EMP or a coronal mass ejection. Also recommended is a complete tool kit, one or two axes, hatchets, a large Alexapure gravity-type water filter, etc. I advise that people sell their TV sets, stop subscribing to very “dark” and satanic Netflix, begin “re-wiring” their brains NOW….(re-obtaining the ability to read a book without going crazy from its LINEARITY and old-fashioned tedium)….and that each viewer be the bigger man or woman IMMEDIATELY….and get in touch with anyone with whom there is any bad blood and EVEN IF TECHNICALLY THE OTHER PERSON WAS TO BLAME….mend fences, be the peacemaker. Being the person offering the olive branch of PEACE is a wonderful thing respected hugely by the Creator….and in the end re-attaining harmony or fixing a lost relationship is far more important than “sticking to ones guns”…..even if he or she….(you or I)….didn’t even cause the misunderstanding. LEAD SOMEONE TO ETERNAL LIFE !! — Use my two, free, no mistakes or spam or viruses….single-page English and Spanish evangelism sites.

AN INSPIRING STORY…..James Taylor’s dad drove 13 hours to rescue him from a life of heroin addiction !!

Dr. Zachary Taylor, a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, graduated from Harvard…..then moved BACK to Chapel Hill to become Dean of the UNC School of Medicine. While there from 1970 through 1976…..both on a commercial radio station but also majoring in Political Science…..often I would run into James Taylor’s siblings Hugh, Alex, Kate and Livingston on the street or in restaurants. James already had moved to London in 1968 and become the VERY FIRST ARTIST SIGNED BY THE BEATLES TO THEIR NEW LABEL, “APPLE RECORDS”. —James had so much class that when Beatle George Harrison obviously stole the opening line to his monster hit “Something” directly from a Taylor song whose first line is IDENTICAL ( !! ) while George was watching him record it at Abbey Road studios in northwest London…..and that song is “Something in the Way She Moves”…..he made no fuss about it…..never, ever brought it up. Harrison felt so emboldened by getting away with it that FIRST TIME…. (I’m not trying to be hurtful, but this is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED)…..that he attempted to steal the melody from the Chiffons’ sixties hit “He’s So Fine” and use it for his huge solo hit single “My Sweet Lord”. THIS time, Harrison got sued and a jury found him guilty of blatant plagiarism, resulting in his having to pay out a small fortune in punitive damages. TAYLOR IS A TOTAL GENTLEMAN……THINKER, FEELER, RENAISSANCE MAN. A CLASS ACT.


This video begins with two examples of how incredibly natural, organic and easy it is (with ZERO awkwardness or embarrassment) to share the salvation message with persons you run into left and right in our daily life. AFTER THE FIRST FEW TIMES….IT BECOMES AS EASY AS BREATHING! But then I become deadly factual with absolutely true, inside intel (that almost no media outlets have reported about, for fear of scaring their audience). I always check and double-check my info, and THE FACTS I CITE WILL KEEP YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT. ( In fact, countless members of Homeland Security and other USA intelligence agencies have been going crazy in a pure state of frenzy and panic…..to stop two examples of extremely CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGERS. Here’s a hint…..”Can you say ebola?”


What if you had led one of the world’s most exciting lives and been fortunate to meet and spend time with the majority of our world’s mega music artists and rock bands? What if ALL OF ABOUT 500 AMAZING, “I HAVE TO PINCH MYSELF TO MAKE SURE I’M NOT JUST DREAMING THIS” EXPERIENCES…..added up to z-e-r-o in comparison to your one day having made the decision to accept Jesus as the “driver of your car” (a metaphor for your life) ?? — What if, to flip the coin now…..you are a person who secretly hates himself or herself because of a series of poor decisions and many sinful, perhaps even evil or satanic or illegal deeds ? What if I told you that there exists a foolproof, no strings attached, no cost, no ifs ands or buts….SEEMINGLY….(but ONLY seemingly)….sure-fire, time-tested, born out of pure love for you…..ESCAPE ROUTE TO ETERNAL HAPPINESS WITH NO MORE SHAME OR GUILT ?? —- If it sounds too good to be true, I tell you in no uncertain terms that IT REALLY IS TRUE !!